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Potty Potter price hike

Today, ASDA pointed the finger directly at Bloomsbury for attempting to hold children to ransom by hiking up the RRP on the final Harry Potter instalment.

Over the Harry Potter series the book price has increased by over 30%. Bloomsbury has set the price of book seven, the final instalment of the Harry Potter series at £17.99, twice the average child’s pocket money and £5 more than the average kids’ hardback bestseller.

ASDA, championing the right of young readers and their parents have pledged that they will set the price of the latest instalment at a magically low price.

Peter Pritchard, Director of General Merchandise at ASDA says:

‘It seems like Bloomsbury need to do a quid-ditch as they have sent their prices up north on the Hogwarts Express.

By setting the RRP at this level can only be seen as blatant profiteering on their part, a family of four would have to spend over £36 if they had to pay this price which is just unacceptable.

We are famous for ensuring we have the lowest Potter price and this year will be no different. When we launch our price next week we will be the lowest in the land, and will have the enough books to prove that this is not a just a gimmick.

For over a decade, ASDA has recognised the importance of encouraging children to enjoy reading with initiatives including The Big Read in association with the BBC where, ASDA worked with local libraries to run in-store reading crèches as well as organising in-store signings with star children’s authors such as Jacqueline Wilson.

Posted in Press Centre on 16 July 2007