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Party like it's 2009

Asda predicts its biggest party celebration since the Millennium

With only 24 hours until the end of the decade, supermarket shelves are being raided as revellers prepare to party. Asda is experiencing its biggest ever peak in sales of canapés, crisps, nuts, pizza and drinks as shoppers shun expensive clubs, and bars to party at home.

According to research from Asda, 1 in 3 people will be seeing in the New Year at home in a bid to save money on babysitters, taxi cabs and club entry tickets. The average party host spends £74 providing a spread for their guests; less than the cost of a ticket to see Take That at the O2 on New Year’s Eve. Sales at Asda’s pizza counter have soared by 400% in the last four days whilst Sausage Rolls, Breaded Chicken Goujons and Mini Cottage Pies are all top sellers.

125,000 bags of peanuts and 2 million olives are expected to be eaten in on New Year’s Eve, whilst over 400,000 million paper plates, 200,000 million napkins, and 125,000 packs of disposable cutlery will hit shelves today. Even the retailer’s £14 Pierre Darcys Champagne is adding sparkle to Hogmanay house parties. With cocktails costing almost £12 in some bars savvy party-goers can start the evening with a home-made own Mojito for just 90 pence a head according to Asda.

Gemma Robertson, Pizza Buyer at Asda comments: “They say that the best parties are always in the kitchen and it seems that our customer’s agree, with work surfaces likely to be packed to the brim with party food. We shift more pizza than many well known delivery companies on a Saturday night but this Thursday night is set to be a record breaker.”

Asda is stocking up on carpet cleaner, paracetamol and bin liners for the inevitable mass clean up due to sweep the nation on 1st January 2010.

Posted in Press Centre on 31 December 2009