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Asda today unveiled its fourth quarter and full year financial results for 2014, posting a 1% fall in like-for-like sales for the year to 31st December and a 2.6% fall in the 12 weeks to 4th January, in a quarter when the retail market as a whole slowed significantly.

Speaking at an event in London this morning, President and CEO of Asda, Andy Clarke, warned that while the retail market remained “in one of its most challenging and changeable periods in history”, the Asda business was firmly focused on delivering its long term plan, including a £600m investment plan in expanding and improving the Asda store estate.

At the same time as recognising the challenging market backdrop, the Asda CEO and CFO Alex Russo highlighted the steps taken by the retailer in 2014 to deliver against their five-year strategic plan.

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Posted in Press Centre on 19 February 2015
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  • Asda to expand its scalable ‘fit for the future’ superstore trial to eight more stores to meet the changing needs of today’s customer
  • Announcement follows recent proposition pilots in Coventry and Grantham
  • Changes take their lead from customers and will not follow a ‘one size fits all’ model
  • Remodelling programme will include retail innovations inspired by Walmart
  • Investment forms part of Asda’s five-year strategy to redefine value retailing

Asda has announced it is extending its customer-led superstore trials to eight more stores.

The soon-to-be remodelled superstores follow pilots in Grantham and Coventry where the retailer has created scalable destination stores that reflect today’s changing shopper habits.

The overhauled stores, which feature innovations alongside ideas from parent company Walmart, have been designed to improve the overall shopping experience and bring together the retailer’s online and offline offer seamlessly.

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Posted in Press Centre on 06 February 2015
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  • Asda set to launch range of “Wonky” fruit and veg in-store
  • 65% of shoppers are open to idea of oddly shaped fresh produce*
  • 75% would buy ‘wonky’ if it was cheaper*
  • Wonky initiative inspired by Jamie Oliver & Jimmy Doherty as featured in Channel 4’s ‘Jimmy & Jamie’s Friday Night Feast’

Asda is set to sell ‘wonky’ fruit and vegetables at a discounted price, in a bid to help reduce food waste, whilst supporting farmers and offering shoppers better value for money.

Crooked carrots, knobbly pears and wonky spuds amongst others are, for the first time, to have their own fixture on shelf. Labelled as ‘Beautiful On The Inside’ they will be bagged separately and sold at a reduced rate, as the supermarket hopes to increase customer awareness and educate shoppers on the beauty of buying ‘ugly’.

The bold move takes inspiration from Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty who are tackling food waste in their new Channel 4 series Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast, which starts on January 2nd 2015.

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Posted in Press Centre on 14 January 2015
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  • By May 2015 the supermarket will reduce the added sugar in a range of own label soft drinks by 22%
  • Reduction equates to the removal of 814.2 tonnes of sugar from its products
  • Announcement builds on the 10% sugar reduction Asda made in its own-label high juice products in 2014

Asda has today committed to reducing the amount of added sugar across a range of own-label soft drinks by 22%, removing 3.25 billion calories and 814.2 tonnes of sugar from 26 of its products.

The reduction builds on the 10% sugar reduction Asda already made in its own-label high juice products in 2014 and will apply to a range of Asda own-label soft drinks including carbonates, high juice and juice drinks.

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Posted in Press Centre on 14 January 2015
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Asda customers in London will shortly find their grocery home shopping even more convenient thanks to a unique tie-up with Timpson Dry Cleaners – a first for a UK retailer.

Customers will be able to organise their dry-cleaning as a seamless part of their home shopping or click and collect shop with Asda from the 12th January 2015. Commuters using Asda’s first-to-market click and collect service at tube stations will also be able to take advantage of the service.

The launch comes following insight which shows that 60% of shoppers already link their weekly in-store shop with their dry-cleaning run; and 40% are more likely to do dry cleaning due to the scarcity of washing and drying facilities where they live. London shoppers are also most likely to use a launderette than other areas of the country and said they wanted more options to make both their weekly shop and their cleaning more convenient for them.

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Posted in Press Centre on 13 January 2015