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  • Asda CEO predicts another year of ‘intense pressure’ for supermarket retailers
  • Retailer first to take immediate action by transforming the way it buys products to release a further £500m in lowering prices and further improving quality
  • ‘Impactful changes and decisive action’ imperative for success in 2016

Asda President and CEO Andy Clarke has today announced an additional £500m investment in lowering prices as he predicts another year of intense pressure for supermarket retailers against a turbulent global economic backdrop.

The news coincides with confirmation from EMD – Europe’s leading buying alliance with a combined turnover of 178bn Euros – that Asda will shortly become a member. EMD is made up of 14 national buying structures and pools the collective buying power of 250 supermarket chains. Its work with Asda will be focussed on developing Asda’s own label ranges, including Extra Special.

Combined with a radical shake-up of the retailer’s approach to buying alongside the leverage from Asda-owned IPL (now the number three UK food supplier) and being part of Walmart, will release significant savings from its supply chain. These savings will permanently benefit customers through price cuts and further investment in quality.

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Posted in Press Centre on 10 January 2016
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  • Drivers filling up at any of Asda’s 277 filling stations across the country will only pay 99.7ppl for diesel from Monday 4th January 2016
  • 3ppl price cut on diesel takes it to below £1 for the first time in six years (May 2009)
  • Unleaded and Diesel both now at 99.7p across the UK

Effective from 4th January, Asda announces New Year cheer for drivers by kicking off 2016 with a 3ppl price cut on diesel – making it the first retailer to bring diesel prices to below £1.

Asda’s national price cap will see diesel and unleaded available at the same price of 99.7ppl for the first time in over 6 years, across every single one of its filling stations.

Today’s announcement is welcome news for customers as they return to their regular daily commutes after the holidays and puts money back in their pockets as they recover from the cost of Christmas.

Asda is the only retailer that has a national price cap on fuel at all 279 filling stations, ensuring every single customer knows the maximum price they will pay at the pump regardless of where they live.

Andy Peake, Asda’s Senior Petrol Director, said: “We’re glad to be leading the way and investing in some New Year cheer for customers by bringing the cost of diesel to below £1 for the first time in over six years. This latest announcement shows that we’re committed to being the driving force behind lowering fuel prices.”

Asda was the first to cut fuel below £1 at the end of November and received strong feedback from customers who said they benefitted from the price cut and would welcome further investment.

Posted in Press Centre on 03 January 2016
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The Asda Foundation charity has announced it is increasing its fund for local disasters to £500,000 to help local communities in their time of need over the next 12 months.

It follows the recent floods, with more severe weather forecast over the coming days.

Chair of the Asda Foundation Alex Simpson said: “This is an extremely challenging time for families and communities, and could not come at a worse time of year for them. Store colleagues have been absolutely fantastic in supporting their neighbours – from joining the clean-ups in their areas to providing emergency supplies to community groups and charities to distribute where they’re needed the most. Our store managers and Community Life Colleagues are really leading this drive on the ground and the decision to increase our local disaster fund to £500,000 to help them do this was an easy one for the trustees to make.”

The fund is used to provide community groups and charities with food, water, clothing, cleaning materials and products and support during the clean-up. It also puts a colleague hardship fund in place to support Asda colleagues whose homes are affected by local disasters.

In York, Asda Foundation’s work is continuing today as it delivers cleaning packs to charities and community groups later today to distribute to all 650 affected properties in the area, following a similar move in the Halifax area earlier this week.

Residents in other affected areas have been receiving food, cleaning materials and clothing through the foundation, and colleagues have been helping to clean and provide collection points at stores for anyone who wishes to donate items to their community.

Posted in Press Centre on 30 December 2015
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  • Weather affected the nation’s buying habits across all seasons
  • Home was where the heart was in Spring
  • Celebrating was top of the agenda influenced by sport, seasonal events and the Royal family

As the year draws to a close, leading supermarket Asda looks back at what drove the nation’s shopping habits in 2015. Online sales continued to grow with receiving over 12,000 transactions per day and over 10% of customers shopped via mobile or tablet. Convenience shopping was key whilst the weather steered choices.

Fiona Lambert, Vice President of Brand Development and Design, Asda, recaps the events that fuelled retail in 2015.

Spring – Home is where the heart is
While spring was on the horizon, Valentine’s Day celebrators chose affordable luxury for their special meal. Deals on steak, wine and desserts for two, saw a huge increase in sales as home romance was favoured over restaurant prices.

As spring skipped into gear, it was all about domestic re-invention. Sales of bedding and accessories grew as people looked for a quick way to spruce their home interiors without breaking the bank; contributing to George Home outperforming the homeware market by +4.8% in its first year. Meanwhile, when it came to the garden, warm weather created an almost 10% rise YoY rise in spending on gardens, plants and flowers.

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Posted in Press Centre on 30 December 2015
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Families set for a festive hangover despite double digit increase in disposable income for 13th consecutive month.

  • Average UK household had £193 of discretionary income last month, up by £14 a week compared to November 2014
  • Despite 13th month of double digit increases in disposable income, rate of growth slowed – from an average of £17 a week enjoyed throughout the rest of the year
  • 2015 review shows spend on big-ticket items up in the first three quarters of 2015, with spending on vehicles increasing 11.5% compared to 2014
  • Family fun remained a focus with spending on recreational and cultural activities rising 8.3% ahead of the festive period

With the nation ready to pop its cork on New Year’s Eve, Asda’s latest Income Tracker shows families will have something to celebrate – discretionary income reached £193 in November, up by £14 (7.7%) on the same time last year. This marks the 13th consecutive month of double digit increases.

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Posted in Press Centre on 29 December 2015