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At Asda we’re committed to delivering great value and quality to our customers, while making sure we treat suppliers fairly and reduce waste and harm to the environment.

We have had an enduring and heartfelt commitment to sustainability, which goes hand-in-hand with our promise to deliver low cost every day and our mission to be Britain’s most trusted retailer.

Our programme aims to bolster Asda’s resilience to the risks of climate change. We’ve carried out what we believe is a wide ranging analysis of long term climate trends and the implications for our supply chains and business operations. Now we’re going to implement a framework to adapt to these.

We know that this century will see changes in climate that we have to deal with; in fact some of these impacts have already been seen, with extreme weather events disrupting communities, infrastructure and business right across Britain.

The role of responsible business is to adapt to change, help others to do so, and work with suppliers and customers to make sure we cut carbon emissions and deliver a more stable climate future for our children.

Asda is proud to take a lead.

Paul Kelly,Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Asda

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Posted in Press Centre on 12 June 2014
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Comber potato fans need wait no longer as local supplier, Glens of Antrim Potatoes, prepares to harvest and deliver its first batch of new season spuds to Asda stores across Northern Ireland this weekend.

The EU protected Comber Earlies are grown in and around the village of Comber in Co. Down – an area known for its fertile soil and favourable climatic conditions – and are one of the most popular local potato varieties in Northern Ireland.

David Morrow from Glens of Antrim Potatoes commented, “Comber potatoes, which gained official PGI status in 2012, are known the world over for their high quality and delicious flavour. We’ve been working in partnership with members of the ‘Comber Earlies Growers Co-Operative’ over the last few months to plant and cultivate this local delicacy and we’ve now reached the optimum time to harvest. We’re thrilled to be able to share our first delivery of this season’s Comber potatoes with Asda customers this week.”

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Posted in Press Centre on 06 June 2014
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  • The average UK household had £170 a week of discretionary income in April 2014, up £3 a week year-on-year
  • While the increase in spending power marks the seventh month in a row families have seen their household incomes rise, this month’s growth was slower than the £7 increase seen last month
  • The slower rate of growth is down to families benefitting from a huge boost in spending power last April when the personal tax allowance threshold rose considerably by £1,330, compared to this year’s smaller personal tax allowance increase of just £560

The latest Asda Income Tracker has revealed that family spending power continued to rise for the seventh month in a row, showing a sustained improvement for family finances. According to the latest figures, released today, the average UK family had £170 a week of discretionary income – the income left once taxes and the spend on essentials like rent, utilities and bills have been deducted – in April 2014, £3 a week higher than a year before but remaining below the all-time high of £174 seen in January 2010.

While families saw yet another boost to their incomes this month, the rate of growth slowed compared to the £7 increase seen in March. The slowdown was due to families benefitting from a much larger boost to their discretionary incomes last April, when the personal tax allowance threshold rose by £1,330, than this year’s smaller personal tax allowance increase of just £560.

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Posted in Press Centre on 24 May 2014
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In a major boost for Northern Ireland’s agri-food sector, two local businesses – Finnebrogue in Downpatrick and Karro Food Group in Cookstown – have partnered to secure a sizzling £multi-million UK contract with Asda to supply its entire range of Extra Special sausages and hot dogs.

The biggest own label contract to be won by any Northern Ireland Asda supplier to date – with an estimated 3 million packs set to sell throughout the summer months alone – the Extra Special sausage range will be available in over 400 stores across the UK.

The growth of its own-label supply contracts has also resulted in job creation at Finnebrogue, which has recruited 60 new staff to help it meet product demand.
The Extra Special range developed for Asda includes 22 different product lines ranging from New York City inspired Hot Dog Sausages to hot Louisiana Cajun Spiced Sausages and smoky sweet Tennessee Barbeque Pork Sausages.

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Posted in Press Centre on 15 May 2014
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  • Britain’s second largest retailer has announced LfL sales of 0.1% for the 15 weeks to 20th April 2014
  • The retailer continues to deliver on its five year strategy to redefine value retailing in the UK with continued investment in price
  • New proposals outlined to realign retail operations and ensure stores are “Fit for the Future” – creating new roles in stores and putting more colleagues on the shop floor

Today, May, 15th 2014, Asda announced its financial performance for the first quarter of 2014.

In the 15 weeks to 20th April Britain’s second largest supermarket grew sales on a LfL basis at 0.1% (excluding Petrol)

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Posted in Press Centre on 15 May 2014