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Oy Oy! Asda Gives Valentine's Posh Nosh at Low Prices

Oysters at 25p each get Valentines off with a bang

With customers under pressure to spend money on lavish meals this Valentine’s Day, Asda has come up with the perfect solution by selling the ultimate aphrodisiac – fresh live oysters at just 25p each.

The lowest priced oysters on the market are sourced from Ireland which is famed for its top quality oysters and are fresh and live to ensure the best taste and flavour. Asda’s oysters are farmed in Strangford Loch which is fed by The Irish Sea. Customers will be able to hand pick their own oysters from the fish counter and get serving advice to help create the ultimate Valentine’s feast.

With Valentine’s fast approaching, Asda’s Head Chef suggests that couples can try three or four oysters as a starter, allowing shoppers to feed their loved ones for under £1 a head.

Oysters which are traditionally known as ‘posh nosh’ but they are becoming more popular with consumers who are prepared to try a wider variety of food. For the first time, Asda has gone the extra mile to make them affordable to all. At 25p each the oysters are just a drop in the ocean compared to Fortnum & Mason’s oysters at £2.50 each or four for £10.

Asda’?s Head Chef, Simon Shaw says, “Oysters are guaranteed to get pulses racing this Valentine’s Day. I would suggest serving them simply as a starter with just black pepper and lemon ensuring you can enjoy the natural flavours of the oysters – you and your date can supply the spice!”

Emma Alam, Asda’s Shellfish Buyer comments, “We’re always looking for ways to help our customer live the life of luxury and hope our affordable oysters will leave some change in our shopper’s pockets this Valentine’s Day.”

Asda 25p each
Tesco 46p each
Morrisons 45p each
Sainsbury’s 55p each
Waitrose 55p each
Selfridges 99p each
Harrods £1.00 each
Fortnum & Mason £2.50 each

Asda’s Irish Oysters are farmed allowing them to manage stock levels and ensure responsible sustainability

Each oyster is farmed on maps so that when the tide goes out they are hand picked to select the very best
Asda’s 25p oysters will be available in store from 8th February

Posted in Press Centre on 10 February 2010