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North-South divide not to be sneezed at

The UK’s North-South divide is widening when it comes to the health of the nation, according to ASDA. Data shows that people living in northern England are more likely to suffer from ailments such as the common cold, sore throat or cough, whilst figures show that their southern neighbours are moving away from modern medicines in favour of traditional herbal remedies.

Sales reveal it’s ‘colds to Newcastle’ with ASDA’s Boldon store in Teesside selling more cold remedies than any other – almost 10,000 between January and March 2008.In contrast, the folks in Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire barely showed signs of a sniffle with cold remedy sales at their local ASDA store amounting to just 750. ASDA’s Barnsley store topped the league for sore throat remedies, with ASDA claiming the success of Barnsley FC in this year’s FA Cup contributed to high store sales. On the other hand, ASDA’s Kingston on Thames store in Surrey finished in bottom place. The upset stomach capital of the UK is Wakefield with first quarter sales of remedies nearing 15,000. ASDA’s Pwliheli Gwynedd store in Wales finished bottom of the list.

The stats revealed a different picture all together though when it came to sales of herbal solutions to ailments. Southerners are turning in their droves towards ‘new age’ remedies! ASDA’s Eastleigh store in Hampshire finished in pole position with sales of remedies such as Korean Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba being top of the list – ten times that of ASDA’s Liverpool store, with other herbal hotspots in the south including Brighton and Bournemouth. Maria Barnett, Marketing Manager of ASDA Pharmacy, comments: “The age-old stereotype that northerners are a hardy lot would seem to be shattered, with sales showing that they are much more likely than their southern counterparts to go running to their medicine cabinets at the first sign of a sniffle or sore throat. “It’s also heartening to see that remedies that were once used everyday by generations of Brits to treat all manner of ailments, from colds to fungal infections, appear to be coming back in fashion in the south, with sales in 2008 up 200% on the same period last year.” The figures also show that ASDA’s Bristol store sells the most painkillers – almost 60,000 thousand in the first quarter of the year.

Posted in Press Centre on 24 April 2008