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No one is 'fuelled' by money-off petrol voucher gimmick

Today [Thursday 18th August 2011] Sainsbury’s has been trying to convince people to fill up at their petrol forecourts by giving out vouchers for money off fuel … but only if you also buy a certain amount of groceries from them.

Asda knows its money-savvy customers aren’t taken in by gimmicks like this. They can do the maths themselves and work out that even with offers of “12p off a litre of petrol if you spend £60 in store” it’s still likely to be more expensive than shopping and filling up at Asda.

The reason’s simple. Independent surveys consistently find Asda has the lowest fuel prices across the UK – and shoppers can rely on the Asda Price Guarantee to be sure their shopping will be 10% cheaper on comparable groceries or get the difference back.

In contrast Sainsbury’s is selecting just some of their favourite customers and sending them a 12p a litre money-off petrol voucher through the post. And the table below shows how even if Sainsbury’s send you a voucher it doesn’t add up to savings compared with Asda on a typical £60 shop and filling up a 50-litre tank of unleaded.

Grocery and fuel prices

People don’t really need to do the sums to work out that tying in petrol price offers to doing a big supermarket shop is just a gimmick. Asda believes in giving its customers the lowest prices possible whatever they’re buying, however much they’re spending, and wherever they’re shopping or filling up.

Asda leads the way in bringing down petrol prices whenever it can – and unlike other retailers Asda doesn’t pump up prices if it can get it away with it in certain parts of the country

A survey by The Sun newspaper recently found that other retailers charge their customers more – as much as 6p a litre more – in parts of the country where there’s not an Asda nearby.

And unlike competitors when Asda announces a new petrol price it tells its customers the maximum price they’ll pay across the UK. Other retailers say they’ve taken 1p or 2p off a litre but are careful not to tell their customers the maximum price they’re actually charging.

Posted in Press Centre on 18 August 2011