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New shirts for volatile relationships.

The perfect shirt to wear when dating Naomi Campbell has been unveiled by supermarket Asda.

It can withstand glasses of red wine being thrown at it, as well as coffee, tea and orange juice – yet still remain stain free.

A special coating applied to the fabric means that even the most powerfullystaining liquids simply roll off the surface without leaving a mark.

It’s a huge technological advance which will end wash day blues for millions of people all over the UK. The special stick-free properties will also be ideal for children’s school uniforms, white wedding dresses – and, perhaps, even for aspiring politicians.

Said Asda spokesman Ed Watson: “ We’ve removed the fear of eating spaghetti bolognaise in public for the very first time. “ No longer need diners slink from restaurants and curry houses trying desperately to disguise an embarrassing spill on their shirts. “ and from now on there’s no need to storm out of a restaurant after being on the receiving end of a glass of wine for saying the wrong thing. Instead, you can simply wipe if off – and then resume your meal as if nothing has happened. “

The new shirts, made from Permatech Cotton, costs £14 at Asda.

Experts believe they will save customers millions of pounds in reduced dry cleaning bills

Posted in Press Centre on 05 March 2007