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New Rocky film to create OAP job surge

ASDA is expecting a big increase in the number of older people applying for jobs following the release of the latest Rocky Balboa film this weekend.

Employment experts are predicting that the new movie, which shows Rocky coming out of retirement once again, will also encourage hundreds of retired people to get back into the employment market .

The supermarket is already the biggest private-sector employer of older people in the UK, with over 30,000 employees aged over 50 years. Many are over 80-years old.

Said ASDA spokesman Dominic Burch: "This film shows that, just because you’re old, it doesn’t mean you’re on the ropes.

“We may not need old fighters but ASDA is always on the look out for great ‘boxers’ – first class assistants who will help customers pack their shopping.

“We value older people for their experience, reliability and willingness to help.

“And just like Rocky, we don’t have a retirement age. You don’t have to throw in the towel just because you’re old.”

The film, starring aging actor Sylvester Stallone, playing a 60-year-old Rocky, goes on release this weekend.

Said ASDA’s Dominic Burch: “Regardless of how well the film does at the box office, Sly has reached the age where we’ll be happy to give him a job on one of our checkouts. And he can even bring his mum too”

Posted in Press Centre on 15 January 2007