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New packagin innovation for cooked meats

Asda has launched a new resealable and recyclable packaging for its entire Extra Special cooked meat range, in what is believed to be a market first.

More than four million packs of the British meat are sold per year and from this week all will have the new packaging.

Not only will it be both resealable and the main part of the pack recyclable, but the innovative change to the packaging has reduced its overall weight by 25% – resulting in less waste.

The new packaging has been devised by ASDA and Yorkshire-based supplier Parkam Foods.

Satty Virdee, of Parkam Foods, said: "There are many foods which now have resealable or recyclable packaging but this is the first time we believe both have been used for cooked meats.

“Customers are increasingly looking for environmentally-friendly packaging. We are meeting this need, as well as ensuring they no longer have to endure dry or curly ends to their meat – which in turn will help reduce food waste.”

Parkam Foods has supplied ASDA’s Extra Special cooked meats for four years and the range now has 12 lines, all of which will have the new packaging. The majority of the pack, with the exception of the film sleeve covering the top, will be recyclable.

All the meats are British and around 4.2million packs are sold per year, in what is a major growth area for ASDA. Over the past year sales have increased by 49% against a market growth of just 3%.

The packaging developments will not increase the cost of the product. The range includes:

Breaded Wiltshire Cured Ham 140g

  • British Butter Roast Chicken Breast 130g
  • Free Range Lincolnshire Roast Turkey Breast 90g
  • Pastrami 100g (new product for September 2008)
  • British Roast Topside of Beef 120g
  • British Butter Roast Chicken Breast 135g
  • Yorkshire Roast Ham 130g
  • Yorkshire Roast Topside of Beef 120g
  • Boiled Wiltshire Cured Ham 130g
  • Blossom Honey Wiltshire Cured Roast Ham 130g
  • Wiltshire Cured Ham 300g (family pack £4)
  • British Stuffed Chicken 135g
Posted in Press Centre on 30 September 2008