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New Moon midnight boom

Asda raises the stakes with the first midnight opening to launch

The Twilight Saga: New Moon DVD

From midnight this Sunday, Twilight fans or ‘Twi-Hards’, will be able to get their hands on the first copies of the hotly anticipated New Moon DVD at Asda. As Britain prepares to be swept by ‘Twilight Fever’ Asda is announcing that it will be the first retailer to put the DVD on sale by opening its doors at 00.01am on Monday 22nd March, a full nine hours ahead of the high street and any other supermarket.

In a survey, 68% of Asda customers said they would be prepared to shop at midnight, despite having to get up for work the next day, to be the first to get hold of the DVD. 19% of shoppers actually said they had planned to book the day off work to accommodate for their late night date with Edward Cullen.

Duncan Tate, DVD Buyer at Asda commented: “We have pulled out all the stops to organise the only national midnight launch as we know our customers will want to be the first to get their teeth into a copy of the Twilight sequel.

“Twilight has become a literary phenomenon and we are expecting hoards of R-Patz fans to swamp stores on Sunday evening. Customers are getting really excited so we have up weighted security and have increased store colleague hours in preparation for the midnight onslaught.”

Martin Gough, Senior Product Manager at E1 Entertainment commented: “We are absolutely delighted to be working with Asda on this The Twilight Saga: New Moon limited edition double disk DVD – die hard fans will be thrilled to get a piece of exclusive memorabilia. We know first hand the hysteria that the Twilight Saga phenomenon can cause and the midnight launch is a great chance for fans to get their hands on the DVD first”

The price will officially be unveiled on this weekend, just ahead of the midnight launch and Asda anticipate it to be the lowest price in the UK despite 51% of shoppers saying they don’t care about the price. The launch of the first film, Twilight, saw the retailer attract over 80,000 sales in its first week and the supermarket predicts to quadruple this figure for the sequel.

Asda is also selling an exclusive sleeve on the double disk DVD which is currently selling four times as fast as the regular double disk DVD via online pre-order. The exclusive sleeve is a real chance for fans to get hold of some exclusive Twilight: New Moon memorabilia.

Also from Midnight, Asda will be retailing The Twilight Saga: New Moon book for £2 which is the cheapest price the book has ever been and for those fans who are completely R-Patz obsessed they can also pick up a copy of fan DVD ‘Robsessed’ for £3. Asda is also encouraging its midnight New Moon shoppers to post their pictures on

Posted in Press Centre on 18 March 2010