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Nation experiences a close shave in December

Razor Sales at Supermarket Soar 59% as “Movember” Draws to a Close

Sales of razors at supermarket giant Asda have soared this weekend as men across the country prepare to shed their temporary “tashes” to mark the end of the fundraising month of “Movember”.

Compared to last year’s 45,000 participants, it is estimated that over the course of November approximately 110,000 men in the UK alone have grown moustaches in an assortment of shapes and styles to raise money for a variety of men’s health charities, specifically those relating to prostate cancer.

The supermarket also noted a 33% uplift in sales of Vitamin B complex this month, a supplement which has been proven to stimulate hair growth, as males everywhere have been competing to grow the longest/most unusually shaped/most unusually styled moustaches.

Sales of shaving foam, disposable razors and electric razors have all seen uplifts, as well as beard trimmers – suggesting that some will plan to keep their newly grown hair, albeit perhaps slightly better groomed than before.

Asda trader for male grooming Finn McConway said: “Sales of all of our grooming products, specifically razors, have soared an enormous 59% over the last three days, as our male customers prepare to trim away their facial fundraising fuzz!

“Most importantly we’ve made sure that we’ve shaved the pennies off the cost of our razors so it won’t cost you a fortune to get your facial hair beautifully spruced up in time for Christmas.”

“Gillette Fusion razor is better than half price at only £3 from £6.98 to help tackle those tashes and Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 blade razor has also had its price shaved at £3.97 from £7.98”

Since 2003 “Movember”, which originated in Australia, has taken the world by storm and played its part in helping to raise over £26 million for male health charities across the world. With six countries now taking part, the “Movember” movement is only expected to grow longer and longer… You can donate to the Movember Foundation by visiting

Posted in Press Centre on 29 November 2010