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Party leaders target Asda Mums with online broadcast

As the election campaigning gains momentum, and in a first for a UK retailer, Brown, Cameron and Clegg will today post online election broadcasts at, exclusively addressing Asda shoppers.

With almost half (45 per cent) of Asda Mums still undecided about who to vote for, the messages from the main party leaders could be decisive in who they put a cross against on polling day.

In the Conservative broadcast, David Cameron meets mum of two Julie from Llandudno, Wales, and talks to her about why she has chosen to vote Tory in this election. Gordon Brown visits Asda Colindale and talks to shoppers about the election, as well as doing a direct appeal to Asda customers on how Labour’s policies help support families.

There are also messages from Plaid Cymru and Scottish Labour.

Over 80 per cent of Asda’s 18 million customers are women and are a key voting group with an influential voice. The broadcasts, hosted on Asda’s election website, form part of the retailer’s ongoing campaign to facilitate open and honest communication between politicians and its customers.

Andy Bond, President and CEO of Asda, said:

“On behalf of our shoppers I’d like to thank again the party leaders for engaging with our Asda Mums online. They clearly understand the importance of listening to our 18 million customers as they decide how to cast their vote on May 6th.”

Asda Mums think that good looks and charisma will not win them over in this election. When asked about important attributes in a potential British Prime Minister, three quarters of them listed morals (77 per cent), ability to handle a crisis (76 per cent) and half of them thought that economic expertise (54 per cent) are the most important characteristics. Charisma (8 per cent) and speaking ability (7 per cent) came low down on the list of attributes and surprisingly, good looks (0 per cent) is the least important of characteristics.

The online broadcasts come in the same week as the first of three live TV debates, which nearly half of Asda Mums are planning to watch. 47 per cent of them think that the debates will bring a wider audience to politics, highlighting the importance of providing new ways of engaging with the UK public. A fifth (22 per cent) say that TV debates will help them decide who to vote for.

Asda has also invited each of the parties to provide a senior spokesperson to engage in an online webchat with shoppers. Ed Balls, Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families and Maria Miller, Shadow Families Minister, have already confirmed that they will participate in the webchats, which will take place in the next fortnight, with more details to be announced this coming week. Shoppers who wish to take part in the webchats can pre-register questions on the website.

Posted in Press Centre on 13 April 2010