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More cheese please!

  • Three quarters (76%) of Brits have at least three different cheeses in their fridges compared to just under a quarter (23%) ten years ago

  • Cheddar is still the big cheese and found in 9 out of 10 fridges

  • New fridge favourites include Wensleydale, parmesan, halloumi and feta

Like a fine cheddar, a survey by Asda reveals Brits’ taste for cheese is continually maturing, with three quarters (76%) of UK fridges now containing up to three different cheeses. This contrasts to ten years ago when over three quarters (77%) of households had only one medium-strength cheddar in their fridges.

Although cheddar is still at the top of our shopping list – 87% of us buy a block each week – Brits have extended their cheese-eating repertoire, with Wensleydale, parmesan, feta and halloumi all regularly making the cut. To celebrate being named Cheese Retailer of the Year and the expansion of our cheese-nation, Asda has launched over 70 new cheeses in 2011 including the Alex James cheese range and chilli halloumi. In the last ten years Asda has increased its cheese range by a whopping 50% and now stocks over 300 types of cheese.

Ten years ago cheddar was our all-purpose cheese, but Brits now take more time over their choices and, inspired by trips abroad, are matching varieties of cheese to meals. Whilst cheddar and Wensleydale continue to be sandwich staples it seems Greek favourites, feta and halloumi, are top salad choices and a bowl of pasta isn’t complete without a liberal sprinkling of grated parmesan.

Anna Patrick from Asda’s cheese team says, “From Pimlico to Padstow Peckham to Preston we really are a nation of fromage-fanatics nibbling at cheese from all over the world from Paneer to Parmesan! We’ve seen a real surge in demand for different types of cheese in the last few years which is why we’re selling more types than ever before, over 300 at the last count!”

Posted in Press Centre on 20 October 2011