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Long Gone Shivers

  • Asda sells over 20,000 pairs of Long Johns in the last four weeks
  • Sales up 140% this week
  • Rise in popularity thanks to celebrity fans incl David Beckham and premiership footballers

*George at Asda’s Long Johns are 60% cheaper than high street alternatives, priced at just £8

Temperatures outside may be freezing, but Long Johns from George at Asda are selling like hot cakes. Over 20,000 pairs have been sold this year already with a sales uplift of over 140% this week as a result of the plummeting temperatures.

Previously a garment found in your grandfather’s wardrobe, Long Johns are now back on trend with celebrity fans helping the resurgence and turning Long Johns into a must-have. David Beckham is known for donning the extra-long undergarments and has even designed his own, as well as premiership footballers who sport them under their kit during sub-zero matches and training sessions.

Research carried out amongst Asda’s social media users reveals 92%* of women are not only encouraging their partner to wear Long Johns but are happy to wear them themselves also. Long Johns are not just being used to keep warm this week; one shopper welcomes the return to put an end to her husband pinching her woolly tights and another claims she finds them just as sexy as boxer shorts!

Men’s underwear buyer for George at Asda commented: “Long Johns are cosy, comfortable and a sure-fire way to keep warm this winter. We’re seeing lots of people snapping up Long Johns this season to tackle the freezing temperatures. They’re proving to be a staple in every man’s wardrobe.”

Priced at just £8, George at Asda’s Long Johns are 60% cheaper than alternative high street versions such as M&S, while maintaining high quality without breaking the bank. The Long Johns are made from 50% cotton and include the George 100day guarantee so if you aren’t completely satisfied with your toasty thermals you can get your money back within 100 days. To keep extra warm this winter men can also complete the look with a matching top for just £8.

George at Asda’s men’s Long Johns are £8 and available in store and online at

Posted in Press Centre on 03 February 2012