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It's not a load of bull!

As one of the world’s leading Limousin bulls, Sauvignon is used to being crowned a cattle king.

Now his semen is at the centre of a scheme to help ASDA’s beef farmers.

Up to now seven-year-old Sauvignon’s semen has only been affordable to pedigree breeders.

But – in a move to help farmers produce top quality herds – ASDA is working in partnership with Anglo Beef Processors to make the semen available for all its beef farmers at a realistic price.

What’s more, Sauvignon is the first Limousin bull in the world from which sexed semen is available – which guarantees over 90% of all sperm are female.

Pearce Hughes, ASDA’s Agricultural Development Manager, said: “We are always looking at unique ways to help our farmers, so we’re delighted to be able to offer them Sauvignon’s semen at a massively reduced price.

“A typical semen straw costs £20, but ASDA’s new scheme will make Sauvignon’s straws available for just £7.50 – a massive 62.5% discount.”

Sauvignon is owned by renowned Northern Ireland pedigree cattle breeders Crawford Brothers. He’s already won a host of awards, including being crowned European Limousin Male Champion in Paris last year, and winning the 2007 ASDA Supreme Beef Championship at the Great Yorkshire Show.

He’s known to be an easy calving sire and, not only is he the first Limousin bull in the world from which sexed semen is available, he is also the first sexed semen beef bull in the UK.

Sexed semen is a technology which allows farmers to ensure they breed top quality heifers for their herds, with heifer calves making for a much easier birth as they weigh on average five to ten kilos less than their male counterparts.

Posted in Press Centre on 05 June 2008