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How 2p thrifty:

June 2008: and it’s being rumoured that Mayor Boris and David Beckham will appear at the Beijing closing ceremony on-board a Routemaster bus.

Now, London to Beijing is a mega 20,000 mile round-trip, so should that bus journey be by road, it would gobble around 2,000 gallons, approximately 9,100 litres of fuel, based on a return journey. Therefore, with ferociously rising fuel prices, this would equate to a total of £11,102; enough to purchase a new family car.

But over £182 could be saved if Boris or Beckham are in possession of an ASDA credit card. By re-fuelling at ASDA stations and simultaneously using the ASDA credit card to pay, customers can save two pence per litre of fuel.

Given that 10,000* miles is also reckoned to be the average mileage per UK driver per year and the average UK mpg is 37 miles* (approx 8 miles per litre) then a UK household with two cars could save £50 a year on their fuel bills.

Nigel Costello, Head of Credit at ASDA Financial Services comments, “We know our customers are really feeling the burden of the credit crunch and we’re continually looking at ways of passing back savings to them.

The ASDA credit card is a prime example and can offer relief at a time of record fuel prices. ”The ASDA credit card provides free home shopping when you spend £99 or more on groceries which can save families £256 a year for those ordering online every week. It also offers a number of added benefits including:

  • 0% p.a. on balance transfers for 9 months (2.5% fee applies)
  • 0% p.a. on purchases for 3 months- 5% discount off all purchases made at ASDA Living Stores
  • No annual fee
Posted in Press Centre on 23 June 2008