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From today [ 10th July 2006 ] ASDA's new home-buying and selling service launches in the North East.

The ten store1 trial will mark the first time homeowners will be able to sell their semi alongside the sausages or find a flat when they pop in to do the weekly grocery shop.

As well as being the most convenient way to keep their eye on the local property market, customers could stand to save thousands – and receive £1000 to spend at ASDA when you sell their home2.

The groundbreaking scheme is the first of its kind in Britain. Currently exclusive to the North East, it allows you to put your home on the market at your local ASDA store.

A team of specialists have been visiting ASDA supermarkets in the North East since 26th June, recruiting sellers for when the scheme which promises:

  • Just 1 per cent commission charge, bringing ASDA value to the home selling process. Compared to standard estate agency commission charges, this could save sellers thousands of pounds
  • A full home selling service – with a full support network, but without the hidden costs 
  •  Access to over 6,000 ³ buyers in the North East who can see your property's details seven days a week at ASDA and online.

All properties for sale will be viewable via a computer terminal prominently located in the ASDA store.

Both buyers and sellers can register their interest via the terminals, and will then be contacted by a Homes @ Supermarkets 4 representative who will arrange visits and viewings in the traditional way.

Gev Lynott , ASDA's Head of Financial Services said:

 "House prices have increased by 168 per cent over the last decade and it's not buyers or sellers but estate agents that have been the real winners. If you're looking to pick up a pad and not pay through the nose we reckon you'll think this of service is long overdue."

Posted in Press Centre on 10 July 2006