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Harry Potter phenomenon enchants Brits to fill their glasses with mead

Sales of mead in Asda are up a spell-binding 87%

With Harry Potter fever in the air following the launch of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2, sales of mead are up 87% YOY as adults, enchanted by the film’s success, look to try this unusual tipple.

Mead, ofen known as ‘honeyed wine’, is the wizarding world’s drink of choice; from Rubeus Hagrid drinking the mulled version in The Three Broomsticks to Horace Slughorn’s enjoying the oak-matured Mead in part one of The Deathly Hallows. Whether Brits are holding Harry Potter-themed farewell parties, or just inspired to try this old-fashioned drink, mead is disappearing from Asda’s shelves as if by magic.

Terri Saunders from Asda’s local team says “The epic Harry Potter series not only appeals to children, but also our adult shoppers too, giving the age-old drink, mead, a new lease of life. Before hitting the big screens this drink was reasonably unknown, but older customers have been enchanted by Hagrid’s love for the tipple. Mead has a sweet honey taste and is a great alternative to wine for extra magical summer parties.”

Mead is an alcoholic drink made through the fermentation of honey and water giving it a distinctive, summery taste. It became popular in the great halls and palaces of Henry VIII’s England and is now bang on trend with a starring role in one of the country’s best loved films. Asda is selling a locally produced mead from Norfolk at just £3 a bottle.

Posted in Press Centre on 27 July 2011