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George gets real

As the UK’s top designers pluck and preen their models and celebrity guests to perfection in reparation for next week’s London Fashion Week, the UK’s leading supermarket fashion brand, George at ASDA announces that they have taken a dramatic departure from the fashion industry’s current hunger for International models and celebrity faces, in favour of using REAL PEOPLE.

This radical strategy will encourage customers to take a new look at the George Fashion brand; which has been subject to much speculation regarding the next ‘face of George’.

The new George campaign features three female health workers from London hospitals. George selected Staff Nurse Fiona Kiek (27), Junior Doctor Ifeoma Ikwlieke (25) and Neo Natal Senior Staff Nurse Leigh Currie (28) following a national search.

They will be the first real people to appear in a series of major national advertising campaigns and they are reflective of who the nation believe are the most important people in our society.

Fiona Lambert, George Brand Director said: "There will always be an argument for using celebrities and big names in fashion, however our customers are telling us its time for a change, it feels wrong to spend money on a celebrity endorsement when times are tough and money is tight. What we have done is saved money and worked out how to pass these savings to our customers by lowering our prices and improving quality and design.”

In a study of 10,000 people, ASDA has found that the British public praise public sector workers and believe them to have the most worthwhile jobs, with 39.8% of Brits saying that ‘doctors’ have the most worthwhile jobs, followed closely by ‘nurses’ with 39%, ‘teachers’ at while 28.1%, and 24% believed that bin men have the most worthwhile jobs, while only 1% selected TV personalities and ‘posh’ celebrities.

The study which was commissioned by ASDA on the 1st September 08 asked whether you would buy an item of clothing if you have seen a celebrity wear it, 79.1% of British women said that ‘they do not pay any attention to what celebrities wear’, and only 1.5% said that they ‘always follow the trends set by celebrities’.

This also related to older female celebrities. Where celebrities in their 50’s and 60’s are praised for looking great and maintaining a youthful appearance, when questioned 53.4% of mums said ‘they feel that they will never reach the unobtainable high standards set by models and celebrities, and 68% ’do not want to spend hours in the gym and money on cosmetic surgery, when they can spend that time and money on their families’.

The unique campaign will feature new real people every month, and be representative of Britain’s public sector workers, praising them for the important jobs that they work hard at every day.

The campaign is part of the new George brand which now includes collections that have been designed to reflect ASDA’s increasingly diverse customer base, ensuring that anybody that walks into George finds clothes for him or her whatever, their age, shape or budget.

Fiona Lambert, George Brand Director comments: "Using real people in our campaign provides more honesty to our customers, it shows how our clothes really look and sends a clear message to our customers that everybody can look great in George. Like many of our George customers Ifeoma, Leigh and Fiona love fashion, but they also need to make considered decisions when they shop for clothes.

Lambert added: The campaign reflects what the nation believes, that real people with ‘real’ jobs are more valuable to us in these difficult times. We will feature different real people every month and all those who appear in the campaign will go on to be George Brand Ambassadors Their input will be invaluable and will help make collections even more wearable for the general public". George now includes Moda and Boston Crew, which are designed for a more discerning customer that wants classics with a twist, and g21 for the younger customer, which still delivers key fashion trends fashion without losing focus on quality and value.

Posted in Press Centre on 08 September 2008