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George at ASDA introduces the first ever 100 day money back guarantee on school uniforms

  • No other retailer can be as confident in their quality and offer the same money back guarantee
  • Industry example that will put an end to price wars that encourage retailers to sell poor quality clothing
  • 36% of mums complained about the quality of school uniforms

The number one schoolwear retailer, George at ASDA has today announced it is so confident in the quality of its school uniforms it is making a commitment to fully refund customers on uniform during the first 100 days of the school term if they aren’t completely happy with it.
This goes far beyond the 28 or 35 day guarantee of any other retailer.

The 100 day guarantee has not only been designed to highlight George’s constant commitment to quality that customers can afford, but to put an end to cynical price wars between retailers. The move will ensure, in future, the market isn’t flooded with cheap, poor quality uniforms as high street stores and supermarkets battle to offer the lowest prices, compromising quality as they do so.

The 100 day guarantee allows for real life, rough and tumble testing by children, much more reliable than any independent testing in laboratories and factories. George is asking millions of mums across the UK to test the quality of ASDA uniforms for themselves, and if mums – the strictest of judges of durability – are not convinced, George will refund the full cost.

In an ASDA survey, 36 per cent of mums had said they had bought school uniform** and that they had been extremely disappointed with the quality. Despite price being very important to ASDA shoppers, 68 per cent of parents said they would be willing to pay a little more for a better quality uniform.

Anthony Thompson, managing director of George comments: “George at ASDA is the market leader in offering the highest quality school uniform at the most affordable price, guaranteeing our customers real value for money.”

“Some retailers are becoming increasingly focused on being the lowest priced at all costs where quality does not appear to be a consideration. Others do offer quality but at extremely high prices, especially on uniforms for older boys and girls. Our quality is comparable to the very best out there but gives much better value for money”

“Mums are telling us that the time for price wars and stunts is over as parents deserve consistent quality clothing for their kids”

George has reacted by investing millions of pounds ensuring its school uniform comes top of the class on quality. It has introduced a range of improvements including using viscose rather than just polyester, 100 per cent quality cotton polo shirts and sweatshirts, and introducing Teflon for durability and Lycra for a better fit. Despite these improvements to the quality, George has kept the same low prices as last year.

Posted in Press Centre on 15 July 2009