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Fix it Friday – Busiest DIY Rush of the Year

Using Easter sales data from the last five years ADSA has pinpointed the exact hour of the year when most of the UK start their home improvements – 10 -11am Good Friday. On this day, which ASDA has named ‘Fix it Friday’, DIY enthusiasts around the country begin home repairs and renovations as the winter comes to an end.


This Fix it Friday (21st March) sales of buckets, paints, lining paper and step ladders are set to shoot through the roof. To prepare, ASDA has been stocking shelves over the last week and has increased orders to deal with the anticipated demand.


From 10-11am sales of the following are expected to increase and DIY enthusiasts flood the stores:


·         Paint rollers up 25% week on week

·         Cordless electric drills up 240% week on week

·         Hammers drills up 325% day on day

·         Measuring tools up 68% day on day


Over the entire Easter Bank Holiday weekend ASDA is predicting a DIY frenzy with sales of hardware items set to increase by on average, 32% over the four day break. And this year, following storms which lashed the country, sales are expected to be even higher than last year.


As Easter is early this year sales of torches and low energy light bulbs are expected to rise as keen home improvers carry on into the early evening.


The sales data also shows that those who aren’t decorating this weekend are likely to be Spring cleaning their homes.  Domestic products including buckets and mops have witnessed a 15% year on year growth and household items such as bleach and bin liners are also predicted to fly off the shelves at with sales doubling.

James Davies, ASDA’s DIY Buyer, comments: “Fix it Friday is by far our busiest DIY day of the year with people up and down the country turning their homes into the palaces they’ve always dreamt of. We’ve spent weeks stocking our shelves at ASDA as we believe that updating your home shouldn’t require a second mortgage.”      



ASDA Paint Brushes87p for a single brush and £3.94 for a set of brushes
ASDA Lemon Bleach (750ml)68p (or 2 for £1)
ASDA DIY Rubble Sacks (pack of 8)£1.60
ASDA Garden Sacks (pack of 10)£1.58
ASDA Washing-Up Liquid (500ml)68p
Posted in Press Centre on 19 March 2008