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Families flock to Asda as nativity season draws nigh

  • Sales of tea towels increase by 30 per cent
  • George nativity outfits outstrip 2008 sales by 11 per cent
  • Asda offers colleagues ‘Nativity Leave’ to watch their kids perform

Asda has today reported a surge in sales of tea towels as parents across the UK prepare for their annual kids’ nativity play.

Sales of Asda tea towels have increased by over 30 per cent over the last few weeks as busy parents and teachers rush to make DIY shepherd costumes for kids’ plays. The most popular selling item has been a pack of three Smartprice tea towels for just 91p – a clear leader in parents’ choice of head-dress.

More organised mums have bought their outfits ready made from Asda’s George nativity range which has seen a sales surge of 21 per cent on this time last year. For as little as £5 per costume, parents can recreate the Christmas story, with an angel, a, star, a king, a shepherd, a donkey, a sheep and most importantly customers can pick up a virgin Mary costume complete with baby Jesus for just £8.

In fact, a full cast will cost you less than £50 – making Christmas more affordable for teachers, parents and budding directors across the UK.

Although many parents wish that their little angels are cast as Mary or Jesus in their school play, the top selling costume is in fact a Sheep. Sales of star costumes are a close second, with elves, kings and Mary in third, fourth and fifth place.

To mark the occasion, Asda is offering its colleagues the opportunity to take ‘Nativity Leave’* and watch their children re-enact that famous night in Bethlehem. By taking advantage of the company’s ‘shift swap’ flexible working programme, colleagues can swap their working hours with fellow colleagues to ensure they don’t miss out on the action.

Sarah Dickins, Retail People Director for Asda commented;

“Christmas is a wonderful time for everyone and we want to make sure that our colleagues don’t miss out on seeing their little ones taking their star turn. By utilising our shift swap schemes, mums and dads will not miss out on that all important festive performance and can be there to support their children throughout their acting debut.”

Posted in Press Centre on 04 December 2009