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Extra special delivery for Japanese shoppers

THEY’VE tried our cookies and now Japanese shoppers are enjoying a glass or two of ASDA’s wines.For the first time, four of ASDA’s Extra Special wines are being sold outside the UK – six thousand miles away on the shelves of Seiyu stores across Japan.

The three reds and one white follow Extra Special cookies into Seiyu, a subsidiary of ASDA’s parent company Wal-Mart. Almost 400 stores will be selling the Chenin, Pinotage, Claret and Medoc.ASDA’s Master of Wine, Philippa Carr, said:

“While shoppers in the UK will already be familiar with the great quality and fantastic value Extra Special range, we’re delighted they’re reaching a new market.”Seiyu’s Takae Namba added:
“UK products are very well received in Japan and the ASDA Extra Special cookies we imported were extremely successful. “Japanese customers like quality wines and these four are great quality for a very good price. We expect a positive response.”

Wine is gaining in popularity in Japan, where beer is often top of the tipples. In particular, there is a growing market for wine among women around their thirties who see it as a sophisticated drink.

Seiyu has seen a 10% year on year growth in its wine sales and has been strengthening its imported and national offer – with the most popular wines costing between 700 and 1,000 yen (£5 and £8).

ASDA’s Extra Special Pinotage (£5.98) is a full-bodied and rich South African wine which is excellent with roast duck or barbecued ribs and steak. The South African Chenin (£4.98) is ripe and round with appley flavours and a crisp long finish. Perfect with light fish and seafood dishes, salads and stir fries, it was recently featured as a top wine on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen.

The Extra Special Medoc (£6.83) and Claret (£4.48) are both French. While the Medoc’s blackcurrant flavours are good with roast beef and lamb, the Claret’s damson and plum flavours go well with roast chicken.

All four wines have been available at ASDA since 2007.ASDA sells 850 different Extra Special food and drink products in its UK stores, 44 of which are wines.

Posted in Press Centre on 19 January 2009