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Entire supermarket bets on Grand National

An entire supermarket is placing a bet on Bob Hall to win the Grand National on Saturday – in honour of one of its workers.

Asda is backing the 100 to one outsider to encourage everyone in the company to shout support for their own Bob Hall – who looks after the fruit and veg in their Perry Barr store in Birmingham.

And if the horse finishes first, then Bob will get the winnings – which would be in excess of £4000.

Said Perry Barr store manager Nigel Palmer: “It’s part of our drive to show everyone at Asda that they are the most important people in the company. Our colleagues have made Asda the successful company that it is today, and we want to make all of them famous.

“Bob does a really good job in our store, and so when we saw that a horse called Bob Hall was also running on Saturday, it makes perfect sense to throw the company’s support behind it.

“We’re only sorry that we can’t do it for all of our workers – but unfortunately we don’t employ anyone called Cloudy Lane, Slim Pickings or Comply Or Die.”

Asda already has a policy of announcing staff birthday staff birthdays and special occasions at the bottom of all of its newspaper advertisements. Colleagues are named, their special event described – and the news seen by the millions of people who read national newspapers.

Said Asda’s Bob: “I’m really chuffed to know that everyone in the company will be cheering my name as they watch the Grand National on Saturday. My chances of winning the race may not be great, but at least I’ll be able to say I took part in the Grand National, in my own small way.”

Posted in Press Centre on 04 April 2008