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Ed Balls tests Asda's new educational website

WEST Yorkshire schoolchildren will join Ed Balls MP this Friday to meet The Binks – the characters from ASDA’s new educational website.

Life-size Binks characters will be on hand to show Ed, Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, how the website works before it’s rolled out to teachers at schools across the UK. Also joining them will be ASDA’s chief executive Andy Bond.The website aims to be a first stop for teachers, parents and kids wanting to know more about health eating and the food journey from farm to fork.

It provides free interactive and downloadable resources which support the National Curriculum, with members of the Binks family guiding people through the site.

Despite not being formally launched by ASDA until this autumn term – it’s already attracting massive interest, with 4,000 hits during its first week online.

It’s also got the backing of the Food Standards Agency.

ASDA’s Natalie Cunningham came up with the idea for the website after teachers continually came to ASDA looking for health and food information after struggling to find a good resource elsewhere.

Natalie said: “Teaching children how to be healthy is a great way to give them a head start in life and (Asda’s new website) does just that.

“We are the first supermarket to give parents and teachers a helping hand, by using the Binks family to provide up-to-date, topical and trustworthy information in a format that’s easy to understand.“

The site has been designed to educate children about all aspects of food and healthy eating, including where and how food is grown and the best way to cook it.”

Posted in Press Centre on 08 September 2008