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Don't get burnt by the cost of your suncream

ASDA today (17th July) was warning holidaymakers not to get burnt by the cost of suncream, after a price survey revealed that the fairer skin you have, the more you are likely to pay for your sun care products.
The retailer surveyed both Boots and Superdrug and found that both retailers charged varying prices depending on the factor of the sun lotion.
ASDA was also warning customers not to fall foul of the buy one get one free (BOGOF) offers - claiming that many were simply false economy.
In a bid to take the sting out of sunburn, ASDA has lowered the prices on all of its five star own brand sun-cream range.
Customers can now buy ASDA 'Sunsystem' for £3 each, or two for £5 on all factors. Boots 'Soltan' prices range from £6.99 to £8.99 for a 200ml bottle (all on BOGOF), giving senors and senoritas less money to spend on their sangria.
The retailer has also slashed the price of Ambre Solaire and Nivea sun-cream products to £5 on all factors, as ASDA calls for the practice of charging more for higher factor suncreams, to stop.
“We just don’t think it’s on, that if you are fair, young, or burn easily, you pay more for your suncream. Families are getting burned by the cost of sun-care products, so that’s why at ASDA you pay the same price whether you are buying factor one or total sunblock,” said David Miles, Director of Health & Beauty.


 SPF = sun protection factor


Boots Price(all BOGOF)Superdrug PriceASDA Price
Nivea Sun Spray SPF 6 200ml10.9910.99£5
Nivea Sun Spray SPF 20 200ml11.9911.99£5
Nivea Sun Spray SPF 50 200 ml11.9912.99£5
Nivea Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF4 200ml8.758.75£5
Nivea Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF15 200ml9.498.69£5
Nivea Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF 40 200ml10.9911.99£5
Nivea Light feeling sun lotion SPF 6 200ml9.299.29£5
Nivea Light feeling sun lotion SPF 20 200ml10.5910.49£5
Nivea Light feeling sun lotion SPF 30 200ml11.2911.29£5
Nivea Sun Spary SPF 10 200ml10.9910.99£5
Nivea Sun Spray SPF 30 200ml11.9912.99£5

Own label SPF 8 lotion 200ml


(spf 6 or 10) £5.99

£3 or 2 for £5

Own Label sun Lotion SPF 25 200ml£8.99£7.99£3 or 2 for £5
Own Label sun spray SPF 15 200 ml£8.99£7.99£3 or 2 for £5
Own Label Factor 30 Sensitive lotion 200ml£8.99 n/a£3 or 2 for £5

Own label baby sun cream 100ml spf 50

(75ml) £6.59


£3 or 2 for £5


ASDA carried out surveys on Boots and Superdrug on Nivea and own brand sun-care products. A full list of price comparisons is available by visiting,, and

Posted in Press Centre on 18 July 2007