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Don't call me Baby, call me Killer!

Asda reveals top ten pet names we call our partners

With the most romantic day of the year just around the corner, Asda has been asking its customers their most popular lovey-dovey nicknames used to address their partners. And judging by the Valentine’s cards ordered on their online card site, Asda can now reveal that the top three names are Cutie Patootie, Snuggles and bizarrely, Killer.

With 2 out of 3 Asda customers in a relationship admitting to having a secret name reserved only for their other half, it seems that celebrities are on top of this trend too. Brad is affectionately known by Angelina as Butters, after the spiky-haired character in South Park and Michelle Obama has recently revealed her nickname for her US President hubby is Pumski. Even our Royals are at it with Price William allegedly called “Big Willie” by Kate, proving that whatever your celebrity status calling your other half something nutty, intimate or just down-right daft is very much commonplace.

Other names topping the pet name popularity scale on the Asda cards website are Stud Monkey, Pooh Bear, Muffin, Pumpkin, Petal, Sugar and Baby Doll. The funny names we choose to address our partners are often taken from films, friends and sometimes situations. Although some couples prefer to create names that are unique only to them and their relationship, others will imitate celebrities and pick up phrases from films to build into their very own “language of love”!

Melanie Ellison from Asda comments: “Whatever your age, Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be the same without sending and receiving cards. Asda’s online personalised card service means you can make your own mushy masterpiece is suitably soppy by choosing from a wide range of designs and images or even using your own photos. What’s more, you can see your pet name in print! It’s been a real eye-opener to say the least!”

Visit to see the full range of cards available to personalise. Ranging from birthdays cards and wedding or engagement congratulations to new baby greetings there’s a card for every occasion conceivable. The website can also be used to manage all addresses and set up a calendar service with on-line reminders – you’ll never have an excuse for missing your best friend’s birthday again.

Posted in Press Centre on 07 February 2011