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Don’t be taken in by false rumours on Twitter and Facebook

A series of false rumours started spreading on social media over the weekend about a number of fabricated incidents that were supposed to have happened at different Asda stores across the UK.

There have been rumours of fires, roof collapses, bombs and even deaths at our stores – and all of them are completely untrue.

If you pick up any of the rumours on Twitter and Facebook please ignore them or point the people sharing them to this article – and help prevent them spreading further. Many thanks!

Examples of the kind of messages that have been circulating include:
“Newcastle Westerhope Asda has apparently been bombed”
“Apparently Asda Blyth & Boldon was on fire, the Metro Centre Asda’s floor has caved in & there’s been an Asda bombing in Westerhope.”
“Asda Peterlee is on fire.”
“Can anyone tell me what’s going on at Colchester Asda – there’s rumours of Bombs, Hostages, Robberies and Stabbing?”
“Apparently the roof’s collapsed in asda and 7 people have died”
“Apparently someone had a heart attack and died in Asda.”
“Can’t believe i’ve just read a 5 year old little boy has died of a heart attack in bootle’s asda.”

Posted in Press Centre on 23 January 2012