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Deck the stalls with posh loo paper

A major trend called the Hyacinth Bucket effect is having a huge impact upon the goods shoppers buy this Christmas, new research has revealed.

They’re choosing luxury versions of every day items to appear “posh” when friends and relatives come to stay over the holiday period, says Asda.

The impact is even being felt in the smallest room in the house – sales of the supermarket’s luxury loo roll have trebled over the last two weeks.

Said Asda spokeswoman Clair Hufton, “Everyone feels they have to create the right impression, from the top of the house, right to the bottom.” The phenomenon, known officially as trading up, is also happening in other areas, particularly in products that will be ‘on show’ during the holidays.

• Extra Special – Sales of ASDA’s premium foods range is also seeing record highs as sales are up 57 per cent year on year. Premium products, from posh pickles to top notch nibbles, were up 70 per cent week on week.

• Luxury Bedding – Customers expecting overnight visitors are buying luxurious premium bedding ranges, lines such as Satinee Pipe Duvet Covers in Cream are up 47 per cent on a normal week;

• Handwash – Mothers-in-law also seem to be impressed by a luxury lather with sales of Dove Cream up 58 per cent on a normal pre-Christmas week;

• Proper Coffee / Tea Bags – Instant coffee is also less likely to grace the breakfast table on the big day. ASDA customers have put 42 per cent more filter coffee in their baskets than usual and sales of cafetieres are up 34 per cent, along with Extra Special nylon tea bags such as Earl Grey and Darjeeling which are also up a staggering 78 per cent year on year.

• Dinner Plates / Cutlery – the last thing you want your guests to see is any plates on the table that have any chips or cracks – ASDA’s Extra Special bone china 12 piece dinner set is up 27 per cent year on year, also new customers are going the whole hog and getting new sparkling cutlery to go alongside as sales area also up 19 year on year.

“Our figures prove what everyone suspects. When it comes to impressing the in-laws, it’s the quilting on the loo roll and not the trimmings on the tree that make the difference” said Clair Hufton – ASDA Spokesperson

Posted in Press Centre on 12 December 2007