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Customers Say Packaging ASDA Be Black

The stylish black labels started appearing on ASDA produce last September, and after a successful rollout, are now found on around 800 different products.

Mary Ling, ASDA produce marketing manager said: "Customers told us when they walked into our produce department all they saw was a mass of colour! It was hard for them to quickly spot the products they wanted to buy.

"We realised we needed to improve the ease of shop for our customers, so we started the process of redesigning the look and feel of our packaging. We're really chuffed with the results."

"The aim of the new design is to promote freshness and quality, while giving consistent customer messages that are clear and easy to read."

ASDA has improved several elements of the design, including adding nutritional information onto all its products (not just the added value items), putting the 5-a-day message on products (where applicable), and for British and local produce highlighting the country of origin (using the relevant flag - Union Jack, Scottish Saltaire and Welsh dragon), and the county of origin including printing the farmer's name. The Assured Farm Standard logo has also been added.

Mary added: "The feedback from customers has been tremendous. They have responded well to the new look, and their perception in terms of our produce quality, is moving in all the right directions."


Posted in Press Centre on 09 February 2006