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Customers get a Right Royal Treat from Asda

This Jersey Royal season is starting early this year with Asda leading the market. This weekend the supermarket will be the first supermarket in the UK to sell the nation’s favourite potatoes following increasing customer demand for these buttery nuggets.

The Jersey Royal season traditionally spells the end of dark nights and the coming of spring, and this year Asda has pulled out all the stops to ensure that their customers get first dibs on the world-renowned potatoes.

Des Wilson, Produce buyer enthuses, “Jersey Royals are our customers’ favourite potato and they fly off the shelves as customers look forward to indulging in them for as long as the season will allow. We have worked closely with our growers this year to make sure that our customers get a special potato treat earlier than anyone else.

“We have speeded up the process of cultivating these delicious spuds by growing them in glass houses to protect them from the harsh winter weather, and they taste just as good as in season potatoes. We plan to give the competition a proper roasting this year!”

Jersey Royals owe their unique flavour to the rich fertile earth and gentle climate that the Island offers. These potatoes are grown on the steep South facing slopes of the island, known as côtils, where they benefit from the maximum amount of sunshine.

Jersey Royals are often referred to as the ‘Champagne of the potato world’ as they are the only vegetable to have Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status, meaning they can only be grown on Jersey.
Jersey Royals will be available in Asda stores from next week, at £1 for 1lb.

Posted in Press Centre on 27 February 2010