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Customer advice on imported liquid egg

The Food Standards Agency has issued advice about imported pasteurised liquid egg that may contain eggs with levels of dioxins that are above legal limits.

The FSA says there is “no food safety risk” from eating products that may contain the liquid egg.

We can trace all ingredients used in any products manufactured under the Asda brand and our checks showed a small number of cakes from one of our suppliers
used the imported liquid egg.

As a purely precautionary measure we have acted quickly to withdraw these Asda products from our shelves:

Product Best before date
Vanilla Traybake January 7, January 8
Mini Victoria Cake January 7, January 11
Choc Traybake January 8, January 10
Lemon Sponge January 9, January 16
Caterpillar Cake January 10, January 11
Lemon Loaf Cake January 11
Raspberry Sponge January 11, January 12
Smart Price Sponge January 13, January 15
Coconut Sponge January 14, January 20

We can reassure customers that all of our fresh eggs are British and are therefore not involved.

Posted in Press Centre on 07 January 2011