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Credit crunch Christmas chic

On Wednesday (November 5, 2008), the £12 little black dress will be going on sale in George at ASDA and according to research by the supermarket, as the average consumer will have no more than £50 to spend on eveningwear this winter, making sure affordable clothing is accessible to everyone couldn’t be more important to the British public this Christmas.

With many fashion retailers concerned about how tough trading will be over the coming Christmas season, George is confident that the £12 dress will be flying off the shelves this week as it’s been seen all over the catwalks and is perfect for the party season. Women can wear it time and time again on any occasion.

Due to its versatility, the little black dress has been a wardrobe staple for women for over 8o years and with a nation obsessed with going ‘back to basics’ and making more discerning purchases during the credit crunch, it’s tipped to be one the season’s best sellers. With the £12 dress being machine washable it means party goers can also save on dry cleaning bills.

The research also proved that black was thought to be the most timeless and versatile colour, with eight out of 10 people surveyed saying they would be more likely to spend money on black clothing than anything else.

Fiona Lambert, brand director, George comments: "The LBD is timeless, rarely wavering in popularity since it began over 80 years ago. Nearly all women love theirs for its slimming, yet curve enhancing properties. The little black dress enhances the figure rather then tries to disguise it. Men love the LBD too; in our survey 74% say it’s their favourite outfit on a woman.

“Customers want classic lines that they can wear for longer and impulse buys are becoming a thing of the past as the nation moves further away from disposable fashion to something more durable. The little black dress has been made famous by style icons such Nicole Kidman, Princess Diana, Liz Hurley, Monica Lewinsky, Rita Heyworth and Audrey Hepburn and now every woman can have a piece of that style, without compromising on quality for just £12.”

George recently announced a radical new strategy to use ‘real’ people, working in the public sector in all its advertising so that the money saved on unnecessary celebrity endorsements could be invested back into the brand to make high quality clothing more affordable for everyone.

The Little Black Dress campaign launching this week, features Stacey Birnie, a lifeguard from Southport and Heather Ford, a council worker from Hull and will run for the next four weeks.

Posted in Press Centre on 04 November 2008