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ASDA fired the first shots in the Christmas price war today (26th October) as it announced it was slashing over £2.2m off over 70 of the most popular toy lines in stores nationwide.  

The latest price cuts mean parents will save on average up to twenty per cent on the hottest toys in ASDA compared to high street rivals Argos and Toys R Us. ASDA is selling merchandise from recent blockbuster Hollywood films.

Lighting McQueen, a toy car from the Disney movie 'Cars' (£17.47), is one of the top sellers so far and ASDA is expecting to sell more than 30,000 before Christmas. 

For the girls it looks like it is going to be a battle between Bratz's Princess Doll (£8.78) and Bratz's Diamondz (9.86), both of which are at the top of most Christmas lists this year. 

Potential presents favourites board games, have all been frozen in price for Christmas at ASDA as well. Games like Buckaroo and Twister are now available for £6.96 - more than £3 cheaper than Toys 'R' Us - popular classics such as Operation (£6.46), Guess Who?(£7.64) and Monopoly (£10.46) are the cheapest on the high street. 

David Inglis Non Food Trading Director, at ASDA said:

"We're determined to 'Buckaroo' the high street trend and give our shoppers the best value toys in town. With purse strings tightening and more people watching the pennies this year our job is to keep pushing prices even lower."  

Posted in Press Centre on 26 October 2006