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Carry on Glamping

Asda sees sales of luxury items soar as festival goers ‘glamp’ it up

This week, Asda has seen sales of luxury camping gear rise as shoppers aren’t prepared to go days without some home comforts. Festivals in the UK are traditionally about mud and no showers but this year the supermarket has seen a rise in products which will make campers stay a little more pleasant.

Shoppers are no longer happy to sleep in a smelly sleeping bag, they want to take a duvet and duck feather pillows with sales rising 44 per cent and 31 per cent respectively. 36 per cent of shoppers are even taking their silk pyjamas as the thought of sleeping and partying in the same clothes is too much to handle.

With all the sport going on at the moment revellers are not wanting to miss any action so some dedicated fans are even taking portable TVs with sales currently up 110 per cent. Others not content with the live music going on will be travelling with their I-pod as sales rise 60 per cent.

During a festival appearance is everything and sales of eye masks (19 per cent), vanity mirrors (64 per cent), travel hair dryers (88 per cent) and cordless straighteners (100 per cent) are going up so shoppers can look their best at all times. As the weather is meant to be sunny for a while, many shoppers are clearly worried about being too hot with sales of handheld fans rising by 150 per cent.

Warm beer and cider are no longer on the menu as some shoppers are looking to take champagne and wine with them. Ice buckets have risen by 52 per cent, champagne flutes by 20 per cent and corkscrews have doubled in a bid to celebrate in style. Plastic plates and cups simply won’t do as sales of china crockery for dinner around the campfire have shot up by 20 per cent since last week.

Bizarrely the store has witnessed sales of toilet seats rise by 30 per cent for those punters who simply cannot bear to sit on the ones provided.

Tracey Brunton, Category Planning Manager at Asda commented: “Our shoppers are looking to camp in style this year and take a few more home comforts than usual. We are used to seeing fashionable outfits but now it’s all about bedding and crockery.”

She continued: “Having spent some time at festivals in the past I can fully understand why some of our shoppers are going to be taking their own toilet seat!”

Finally, it’s not the most likely place to find romance but some shoppers are clearly making sure they are prepared with lingerie sales rising by 29 per cent and even scented candles up 15 per cent which will presumably cover up the smell from the loos.

Bizarrely the store has witnessed sales of toilet seats rise by 30 per cent for those punters who simply cannot bear to sit on the ones provided.

Glamping by numbers at Asda

Product % Increase
Duvets 44%
Duck Feather Pillows 31%
Silk pyjamas 36%
Portable TVs 110%
i-pods 60%
Eye masks 19%
Vanity mirrors 64%
Travel hair dryers 88%
Cordless straighteners 100%
Handheld fans 150%
Ice buckets 52%
Champagne flutes 20%
Corkscrews 100%
China crockery 20%
Lingerie 29%
Scented candles 15%
Toilet seats 30%

Posted in Press Centre on 27 June 2010