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By George that suits you sir and so does the £19 price tag

Customers at George will be able to pick up Britain’s lowest priced suit when it lands in stores this week and still get change from £20.

The two piece suit normally sells for £19 for the jacket and £6 for the trousers but kind-hearted bosses have decided to throw the trousers in free, for a week, to celebrate the move into Smartprice for George.

The suit comes with a good pedigree. George’s master tailor used to make bespoke suits for peers in the Houses of Parliament, meaning that the £19 suit doesn’t come at the expense of good tailoring.

The black single breasted, three button suit, is also machine washable, meaning that you could buy it for less than many dry cleaners would charge to launder it.

“It’s not a stitch-up I assure you. You really can be a cut above the rest with change from £20 thanks to George,” said George Global’s managing director, Angela Spindler.

“The reason why we can deliver such great value is simple, we buy in bulk and pass the cost savings that this brings direct to our customers”, Spindler adds.

Posted in Press Centre on 15 January 2007