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Brits pay homage to fromage this Christmas

Over half of Brits (54%) prefer to finish their Christmas Dinner with savoury cheese rather than a sweet pudding

  • Out of the nation’s cheese lovers, over two thirds (69%) will have at least 4 different cheeses on their Cheeseboard this Christmas
  • Unusual flavoured cheeses are proving more popular than ever, seeing a 43% sales uplift over the festive period

Asda is seeing cheese sales go through the roof in the run up to Christmas as Brits splash out on traditional cheeses such as Cheddar and Stilton as well as more unusual, festive choices including fudge and butterscotch and Christmas pudding flavours. A survey by Asda reveals Brits’ taste for cheese is continually maturing with over half of shoppers (54%) choosing to finish their festive meal with cheese over a sweet pudding.

The changing face of the British cheeseboard shows that over two thirds (69%) of cheese lovers will have at least 4 different cheeses on their Cheeseboard this Christmas. This contrast to ten years ago when Brits on average had three cheeses, typically Stilton, Cheddar and Brie in comparison’s to today’s selection which includes a fourth flavoured variety.

As part of the modern day cheeseboard, Asda shoppers are being more experimental with their cheese with the flavoured cheese category seeing a 43% sales uplift in the run up to Christmas.

The Chosen By You Christmas pudding Brandied Fruits Truckle, a combination of Belton’s award winning Wensleydale blended with branded soaked raisons, orange and lemon peel and mixed spice has seen a 19% sales uplift in the last week alone

For those with a sweet tooth, Asda’s Chosen by you Shirevale White Stilton blended with Fudge and Butterscotch has seen a 33% sales uplift in the last week alone

Asda has seen a 24% growth year on year for its cheeseboards as shoppers see the benefit in pre-selected boards. Traditional flavours like Extra Special Bleu D’auvergne, Vintage Cheddar, Camembert, Red Leicester are proving to be hot favourites for shoppers.

Stilton remains the festive favourite at Christmas time with many shoppers snapping up cheese and other edible goods to give as festive gifts for family and friends“ Asda expects to sell 1.5 million Extra Special Baby Stilton throughout December“ the Stilton category alone is expecting a sales uplift of 23% on last year.

To celebrate being named Cheese Retailer of the Year and the expansion of our cheese-nation, Asda launched over 70 new cheeses in 2011 including the Alex James cheese range and chilli halloumi. In the last ten years Asda has increased its cheese range by a whopping 50% and now stocks over 300 types of cheese.

Anna Patrick from Asda’s cheese team says, “Christmas for Asda shoppers isn’t Christmas without a sumptuous cheeseboard at the end of the meal” over half of Brits preferring this to a sweet pudding. We’ve seen a massive surge in demand for more unusual flavoured cheeses plus our pre-made cheeseboards are flying off shelves as cheese proves more popular than ever!"

Posted in Press Centre on 09 December 2011