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Brits get burnt in the heatwave

  • Survey by Asda reveals that 73% of Brits have suffered from sunburn in the past week
  • The heat wave pushes sales of aftersun up 281% as sunburn cases soar around the country
  • Sales of Aloe Vera also fire up by 158%
  • Research reveals 56% of Brits are at risk of skin cancer this summer1 According to British Skin Foundation 2013

WITH scorching weather of almost 32°C in some parts of the UK over the hot weekend, it wasn’t just temperatures that were red hot, as cases of sunburn soared with British skin taking a battering in the heat. A survey by Asda supermarket reveals that Brits are putting their lives at risk, with a worrying 73% admitting they have suffered from sunburn over the past seven days. Asda’s Pulse of the Nation research, 1072 respondents. 15th July 2013

In addition to the survey, Asda reports a blistering 281% rise in sales of Aftersun since the start of the heat wave, as the nation strips off to celebrate the sunshine. Sales of Aloe Vera are also up a sweltering 158% as Brits resort to the cooling gel to sooth their sore, sunburnt skin.

The supermarket has launched a new campaign called ‘Don’t Get Burnt’ in partnership with the British Skin Foundation to raise awareness of skin protection and the health risks associated with UV radiation from the sun.

Furthermore, a team from Asda recently hit Brighton beach, when temperatures reached balmy highs of 23°C, to find out how many body-baring Brits were wearing the correct sun care and how many were carelessly risking life-threatening sun damage. Out of 300 Brits surveyed on the beach, a blistering 95% of adults were not wearing ANY sun cream, exposing themselves to dangerous UV rays and putting them at high risk of developing skin cancer 302 members of the public surveyed on Brighton beach. June 2013.

With hot temperatures set to continue well into the school summer holidays, Asda is issuing a call to action for the nation to become better educated on the importance of skin protection, and as 56% of Brits4 currently admit to not applying sun cream frequently enough, it appears there is a long way to go in changing their tanning habits.

A recent survey from the supermarket reveals that a worrying 57% YouGov Plc research. Total sample size was 2144 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 11th-13th March 2013. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all UK adults (aged 18+) of Brits could be wearing out of date sunscreen Most suncare products expire after 12 months, reducing the UV protection. Always check packaging before application., exposing themselves to life-threatening sun damage. Every year, over 100,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with skin cancer and over 2,500 of those people lose their life as a result. According to British Skin Foundation 2013

Media medic, Dr Dawn Harper who is supporting Asda’s campaign commented; “As the sun comes out everyone is keen to enjoy the fun that comes with it, and recent aftersun sales reveal that the nation is definitely making the most of the good weather! However, Brits need to take sun protection seriously. Malignant melanoma is the fastest rising common cancer in the UK and is particularly high in younger people.

“Shockingly, allowing your child to play in the sun unprotected is a much higher risk than allowing them to smoke a cigarette – just ten minutes in strong sun can be all it takes for the sun’s UVB rays to burn the skin. Just one episode of sun burn can trigger melanoma.”

“Regular use of sunscreen in the first 18 years of life can reduce the lifetime risk of non-melanoma skin cancers by 80%. Sunburn in childhood is believed to be a primary cause of melanoma, so we are asking Brits to stay safe and slap on a capful.“

British Skin Foundation spokesperson, Hermione Lawson added; “By the end of this summer, around 1,250 people in the UK will die from skin cancer. We support Asda’s ‘Don’t Get Burnt’ campaign to highlight the serious health risks posed from sun damage. What people often don’t realise is that skin cancer is largely a preventable disease, in up to four out of five cases, and so Brits need to follow our top tips for protecting their skin while basking in the sun.

Dr Dawn offers the following tops to keep you and your family safe throughout the heat wave:

  • Seek shade during the hottest hours of the day between 11am to 3pm – just ten minutes of strong sunshine is all it takes to burn pale skin.
  • Wear protective clothing – a wide brimmed hat is a great way to stay safe in the sun whilst looking stylish at the same time
  • Apply a high factor sunscreen twenty minutes before exposure to the sun and re-apply sunscreen every two hours – it’s worth carrying around a small bottle of sunscreen in your bag so you don’t get caught out
  • Remember to apply sunscreen on those easy to miss areas such as the backs of the ears, neck, backs of hands and tops of feet
  • If you do burn, unfortunately there is no way to reverse the damage so the most important thing you can do is avoid any further exposure to the sun until your skin has recovered
Posted in Press Centre on 16 July 2013