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Bonfire night set to go off with a bang at Asda

Supermarket predicts Bonfire Night sales will light up the skies

Asda is gearing up for its biggest ever Bonfire Night sales, that will see sales of some products up 9% on 2010. On Friday and Saturday Asda predicts millions of shoppers will be flocking to stores to stock up on winter warming treats, cosy clothes and dazzling firework kits.

Banging stats:

  • 1 in 5 customers are planning to host a Bonfire Night extravaganza for family and friends, whilst 44% of shoppers are opting to attend a local fireworks display

  • Asda will sell over 1 million packs of sparklers; Asda’s sparkler sales have soared in the past five years, indicating not even rain or the recession is putting a dampener on bonfire night fun

  • Asda’s ultimate Star Struck 15 Piece Selection Box, which at £5, is half the price of any other retailer and will ensure those who are watching the pennies can still create a dazzling light display in the comfort of their own garden. Surprise the family with the pack which includes; 1 catherine wheel, 3 Roman candles and 11 multi-effect fountains

  • The supermarket is also seeing a 30% increase in sales on burgers and sausages for those who like to eat bangers as well as watch them. Butcher’s Selection fresh meat joints and lean mince are also flying off the shelves with a 12% increase in sales compared to this time last year

  • Sales of Bonfire Toffee quadruple in the run up to Bonfire Night as shoppers buy in sweet treats. With shoppers in Yorkshire, Lancashire and the North East buying up the majority

  • The week leading up to Bonfire night is the busiest of the year for Tiger bread rolls with sales beating those during BBQ season hands down –100,000 packs will be snapped up before the 5th
  • Toffee apples are popular amongst customers with a sweet tooth, as Asda has shipped in 14% more stock this year to satisfy families. 1.8 million coated apples with flavoured toppings, such as toffee and chocolate, will be part of this week’s shopping list

  • A survey of customers found that a quarter of them will be making their own cinder toffee at home this year, up 200% from 2010

  • Keeping hands warm and safe from sparklers means Asda predicts a whopping 83% increase in sales of fleece gloves and a 61% increase for leather gloves

  • Mums are ensuring their families don’t catch a cold during all the excitement, as Asda predicts a 13% increase in sales of knitwear compared to last year

  • Asda is helping the nation to wrap up with £5 off knitwear online

  • With heavy showers forecasted this weekend, rain will not be the reason to dampen Bonfire Night celebrations as Asda is likely to sell a quarter of a million umbrellas to protect customers from the adverse weather

  • To light up dark winter evenings Asda has seen strong growth in RTDs (Ready to Drink) as customers look to impress their friends with colourful, exotic punches. WKDs and Apple Sours will steal the show as Asda sees a 25% increase in sales compared to an average week

Posted in Press Centre on 05 November 2011