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Beige is so last year; Brits are giving their picnic spread a colourful twist

  • Asda reveals shoppers are turning to more colourful, European-inspired foods for a sophisticated picnic experience
  • Picnic food sales predicted to be bright as forecasters promise the nation good weather this weekend

Soggy sandwiches and beige foods are being pushed out of the picnic hamper this year as Asda reveals shoppers are filling their shopping baskets with delicious continental treats.

With nine of the top 10 countries visited by Brits being in Europe*, it seems the nation is introducing continental culinary delights they experience on holiday into the traditionally English picnic.

Asda has reported sales of its Mediterranean and tapas ranges up 40% on this time last year; olives with feta cheese proving to be the most popular in this range, with Asda selling over 55,000 tubs last week. Sales of Asda’s halloumi, mozzarella and feta cheese are also up 40% and continental meats, including Milano salami, Prosciutto and Spanish chorizo, are up 17% year on year – 30% in the last month.

And after two years of decline, the loved, but tiring quiche shelves have also had a much-needed flavour re-vamp; sales are up with the UK spending £140 million on quiche in the last year (Nielsen data to 17th April 11). Asda is reporting strong sales of its new continental-inspired varieties of quiche including “Mediterranean Veg”, “Spinach & Ricotta” and “Tomato & Mozzarella”.

An Asda spokesperson said: “Brits love a good picnic and the value for money a tapas-style spread offers. But gone are the days of packing the hamper with only sausage rolls and sarnies. Sun, family and continental food inspiration on supermarket shelves is the perfect ingredients to help shoppers embrace the more colourful, al fresco dining experience.”

With warm, sunny weather expected tomorrow and continuing in parts of the UK this weekend, Asda is predicting sales of its picnic treats will be just as bright, and is set to sell:

75,000 picnic sets, including paper plates, cups and plastic cutlery
145,000 packets of continental meats, including salami, Prosciutto and chorizo
85,000 tubs of olives
900,000 cans of beer
640,000 cans and bottles of cider
150,000 cans of pre-mixed spirits and mixer
1,000,000 prepared salads
850,000 tubs of potato salad, coleslaw and cottage cheese

Posted in Press Centre on 03 June 2011