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Baking goes glam

Asda sees sales of posh baking ingredients soar

To celebrate National Baking week, Asda’s sweet-toothed shoppers have been flocking to their nearest store to load their trolleys with all sorts of fanciful ingredients to impress their friends. Gone are the days that a simple fairy cake would suffice at teatime, now Brits are buying pots of edible Pink Shimmer Glitter, Silver and Gold Pearls and Madagascan Vanilla pods in an attempt to glam up their cakes!

With the advent of TV shows like Great British Bake Off and Rachel Allen’s Bake! that promote the joy of creative and arty baking, shoppers are feeling inspired and going all out in bake-offs all over the country.

Asda has seen sales of Pink Shimmer Glitter shoot up by a massive 210% in the last six months with coloured piping icings up by 54% and White Chocolate Stars increase by over 70%.

Shoppers are also trading in their battered old cake tins and investing in speciality kit with sales of vintage cake stands (up 168%), silicone muffin pans (up 89%), electronic scales (up 67%) and kids cookie cutters (up 156%) going through the roof!

For those more accustomed to a panic bake for unexpected guests, cake mixes are also up 33% and Betty Crocker Frostings are up a massive 104% year on year.

Leigh Andrew, Asda’s desserts and baking product manager said: “We’ve always known that our customers love baking with their families but never before have we seen such interest in the more exotic and specialised ingredients. We are selling so many Vanilla pods and frosting that we will be extending our range in 2011 and adding 100s of new products. We sold 10,000 pots of Pink Glimmer Sugar last week which just shows that cakes really have gone posh!”

Ed Kimber, winner of BBC’s Great British Bake Off agrees that Brits are baking with passion: “There is no better way to relax than by getting in the kitchen and whipping up a cake or some cookies, at the end of it you have something delicious that you can share with family and friends.”

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Posted in Press Centre on 19 October 2010