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Bad news for women in relationships

It’s the news every woman will dread to hear – men DO think more of their mums than their girlfriends and wives.

While millions of furious partners have always suspected that this was the case, no one has ever had the proof – until now.

But sales figures from supermarket ASDA reveals that, across a wide range of goods, men will spend, on average, over 39 per cent more on their mum this Mother’s Day than for their partners on Valentine‘s Day.

Said ASDA spokesman Ed Watson: “ Wives and girlfriends may think they are the love of his life, but our figures show that every man only ever really loves one woman – his mum.”

The strength of the relationship between a man and his mother has been a source of friction in relationships since time began.

Millions of women, even in the strongest marriages, have often wondered: “If my husband had to choose between the two of us, who would win, me or her?”

But if an analysis of men’s spending habits is an indicator of their true feelings, it suggests that girlfriends and wives fare EVEN WORSE than they could have ever have imagined.

ASDA’s sales figures, comparing Mothers Day with Valentine’s Day, reveals that men spend:

* 38 per cent more on gifts for their mums than their partners * Over 31 per cent more on flowers * Over 61 per cent more on a Mother’s Day card

And when it comes to wine and champagne – a symbol of romance which partners mistakenly feel belongs entirely to them – men will spend 28 per cent more on better vintages for their mum.

Said ASDA’s Ed Watson: “Wives and partners may come and go, but a man’s mum is forever.

“Despite their denials, our sales figures reveal that men place their mums on a pedestal, and often it occupies a higher position than their nearest and dearest.

“Of course it is always possible that what we are measuring is cheque book love – men making up for not seeing their mums as often as they should and then trying to make up for it be splashing the cash.

“However, many women will see this as confirming what they have known all along – that the man they married is and will forever remain, a Mummy’s Boy.”

Asda’s figures show that men spend, on average:

* £14.85 on gifts for their partners, versus £20.49 for their mums * £12.11 on flowers for partners versus £15.86 for mums * £1.30 on cards for partners versus £2.09 for mums * £18.20 on champagne for partners versus £23.29 for mums
Posted in Press Centre on 28 February 2008