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Ash (Less) Wednesday

The double whammy of the Budget and No Smoking Day both falling on the 12 March will mean, according to ASDA, that for the first time, 1 January will no longer be the day when most people decided to quit smoking in 2008.

With the Chancellor expected to increase the price of a pack of cigarettes by up to 12p, tens of thousands of smokers are expected to decide to pack in the habit once and for all and make No Smoking Day a permanent fixture in their lives.

And in anticipation of huge number’s of people deciding to stub it out for good, ASDA is holding a series of nationwide ‘Stop Smoking’ clinics in-store, as well as offering over 200% off on certain Nicotine Replacement products.

Customers will have the chance to drop in to any one of ASDA’s 148 pharmacies across the country and take a free Carbon Monoxide test via a specially commissioned Smokalyser Kit2 ,and receive advice on how to give up for good from in-store experts.

And to give customers the best possible chance of kicking the habit, ASDA is slashing the price of certain Nicotine replacement products such as patches and gum by almost 300%. For example, ASDA is reducing the cost of a pack of ‘Nicorette Fresh Fruit Gum’ from £17 will fall to £5 – less than the price of a packet of fags.

ASDA’s ‘Stop Smoking’ Coordinator, Maria Barnett, commented: “Giving up smoking is probably the single most important change you can make if you want to improve your health, not to mention your wealth.

“Our ‘Stop Smoking’ clinics will not only give customers plenty of good reasons for giving up but they’ll also offer practical advice on how to do it. And with savings of over 200% on certain patches and gum, it’s quite probable that cigarettes will not be the only thing that our customers will find hard to resist.”

Dan Tickle, Chief Executive of the charity No Smoking Day, said “We’re delighted that ASDA in-store pharmacies will be running ‘Stop Smoking’ clinics on No Smoking Day. Combining a weekly supermarket visit with help and support to stop smoking is a great way of fitting it into a busy lifestyle. I wish everyone stopping smoking this No Smoking Day the very best of luck!”

Posted in Press Centre on 12 March 2008