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ASDA urges retailers and manufacturers to end food labelling debate and follow its lead

ASDA has welcomed the findings from Food Standards Agency (FSA) customer research on front of pack labelling. The report states that shoppers would benefit from a single FOP scheme that includes the words ‘high, medium and low’, traffic light colours and percentage of Guideline Daily Amount (GDA). This system was introduced by ASDA in 2007.

ASDA Paul Kelly, Corporate Affairs Director said: “At last a victory for common sense. The customer’s opinion is what matters most and now they have spoken and confirmed our belief that the dual labeling system is the simplest and clearest. So today we are urging major food retailers and manufacturers to end the debate, listen to the customers and commit to the dual labeling scheme.”

“In 2007, ASDA was the first supermarket to launch a dual labelling system which combines the benefits of colour-coded ‘traffic light’ information with guideline daily amounts (GDAs). Welcomed by the Government and the Food Standards Agency (FSA), the system was designed to be read and understood in less than two seconds, making it easier for customers to choose healthier foods at a glance.”

“The system uses the distinct traffic light colours to highlight low, medium and high levels of sugar, fat, salt, saturated fats and calories in each product. The product labels also give the precise amount of each nutrient in grams per serving and the percentage of the GDA this represents.”

Posted in Press Centre on 06 May 2009