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ASDA store and depot colleagues to share record £22m bonus

  • Up to £420 paid to full time colleagues
  • £129 million worth of windfalls paid since Wal-Mart acquisition in 1999
Today 133,000 ASDA store and depot colleagues celebrated after sharing a record £22 million bonus pot. The windfall, which is paid into colleagues’ February pay packet today, will be distributed amongst colleagues with more than six months service working in ASDA’s 358 stores and 23 depots across the UK. For the third year running, more than 44,000 ASDA colleagues from 130 stores and 16 depots nationwide outperformed their performance targets.

As a result they will pocket full bonus entitlement – with a payout of up to £420 for every full time colleague in store that reached the ‘super bonus’ threshold*.

The annual performance-related bonus scheme was first introduced in 1999 after ASDA was acquired by Wal-Mart. The total amount paid to colleagues across the chain has now reached more than £129 million.

This year’s record bonus payments reflect ASDA’s performance in 2008 (N.B. ASDA is due to report it’s 4th quarter trading figures on next Tuesday 17th February).

Caroline Massingham, ASDA’s People Director commented: “This record £22m payout is only possible thanks to the continued hard work and dedication of all of our store and depot colleagues. “Once again they have helped us deliver outstanding value and customer service to millions of shoppers across the UK. Their bonuses are hard-earned and well deserved and will provide a helping hand for colleagues in difficult times.”

Posted in Press Centre on 13 February 2009