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Asda sparks war of the roses with £2 bouquet

Asda has sparked a War Of The Roses by slashing the price of a dozen red blooms to just £2 – an all time low for Valentine’s Day.

It’s less than HALF the price charged by many High Street retailers – and up to TEN TIMES cheaper than prices charged by some floral delivery firms.

The supermarket’s move will knock millions of pounds off the price of declaring your love – but infuriate rivals hoping to make a killing.

Said Asda flower buyers Liz Butcher: “We want Cupid’s arrow to hit your heart, not your wallet.

“We’re making falling in love cheaper than ever before.”

Asda has also reduced dramatically the price of other formal Valentine’s Day bouquets, saving customers up to £30 each compared with other retailers.

All of the blooms come from ethically approved sources in Kenya and Uganda.

And for the first time, the range will also include rare Grand Gala roses from India – the first time they have been stocked by any major UK retailer.

The delicate blooms, which only grow at altitude, will provide a huge boost for growers in the fledgling Indian rose trade.

Posted in Press Centre on 13 February 2007