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Asda slashes prices of energy saving products to help customers save on their energy bills

Asda today announced it is slashing the price of core energy-saving products including low energy light bulbs, remote controlled sockets and window and door draught seals, in a bid to help the UK cut UK CO2 emissions by a massive 1/2 million tonnes.

Research by the supermarket showed customers could save up to £92m by picking up their energy saving light bulbs from Asda instead of Tesco.

With customers bracing themselves for price hikes in energy bills over winter, being ‘energy-saving savvy’ is a great way to save money as well as saving the environment. For example, by switching to low-energy light bulbs, households can save up to £45 per year, so with these great deals at Asda, there are even bigger savings to be made.

Asda is cutting the price of energy-saving light bulb sticks from £1 to £0.10p (90% reduction) and spirals from £2 to £0.40p (80% reduction). There are also significant savings on remote controlled sockets that cut standby mode on electrical items, from £15 to £5 (66% reduction).

Buying Manager Raj Varma, said: “We are passionate about helping our customers save money and now we’re helping them save the planet too! Changing all your light bulbs to energy saving ones can be costly but now with our great deals you can put them in your whole house for a fraction of the price.
“With the two million light bulbs we are selling, we can help the UK save 1/2 million tonnes of CO2 gas emissions which is enough CO2 to fill a whopping 2,475 double decker buses or over 100 hot air balloons.”

The savings that can be made through these price cuts can be seen within this price comparison table:

Asda v. Tesco and B&Q

Product Tesco B&Q Asda
GE ENERGY STICK 9W SES £0.50 £1 £0.10
GE ENERGY STICK 11W ES £0.50 £1 £0.10
GE ENERGY SPIRAL 8W SES £1.50 Not sold £0.40
GE ENERGY SPIRAL 12W ES £1.50 £1 £0.40
GE ENERGY STICK 11W BC £0.50 £1 £0.10
GE ENERGY SPIRAL 12W BC £1.50 £1 £0.10
TOTAL £6 £5 £1.20

Low energy bulbs are just one of many ways to combat climate change and save money on energy bills at the same time. Other simple steps include turning off lights not in use, ensuring electrical appliances are switched off properly and not left on standby, choosing energy efficient appliances and properly insulating your home.

Asda colleagues are also being given a range of energy saving gadgets like energy monitors, standby buster plugs and a water energy saving widget for free.

Notes:Calculations based on how many energy saving products Asda expect to sell during their “Energy Event” (6th October – 17th October 2010), multiplied by the average amount of CO2 each item will save over its product lifetime, according to figures supplied by the government energy watchdog Ofgem.

Comparisons based on each household in the UK buying five light bulbs from Asda instead of Tesco during Asda’s energy event.

Figures calculated via the Carbon Trust website calculations

Posted in Press Centre on 13 October 2010