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Asda shoppers start stockpiling for Christmas!

Asda shoppers splash out on Christmas goodies in November with an astonishing 180 million Christmas sweets sold in the past week alone

Asda research shows that Brits have already started stocking up their ‘Christmas Cupboard’ with all sorts of non-perishable festive nibbles including confectionery tins, savoury snacks like crisps and nuts, and Christmas puds.

The latest Asda income tracker shows that families now have £15 less to spend each week, when compared to 2010, which means that spreading the cost of Christmas is becoming more important than ever before. Over three quarters (76%) of shoppers opt to shop ahead in November by buying a couple of treats each time they shop. However, temptation is too much for some people with more than half (62%) admitting to dipping into their Christmas cupboard and scoffing food which has been saved for the festive period.

Asda’s research has revealed the following about our Christmas shopping habits:

  • Top Christmas items to buy in November are: confectionery tins, crisps, nuts, Christmas pudding, mulled wine and spirits

  • 73% of shoppers allocate a specific cupboard to store their Christmas goodies

  • One in ten blame the kids for missing food in the run up to Christmas

  • The biggest temptation is chocolate, with 38% of shoppers admitting to cracking open their confectionery tins before the 1st December*

Jessica Bates, Christmas confectionery buyer at Asda said: “Our customers are certainly price savvy when it comes to spreading the cost of their festive shopping. We’ve sold almost three million tins of chocolates this week, although I’m sure quite a few of those won’t make it unopened until the big day! Luckily, we always have low prices on a whole range of Christmas Cupboard essentials, so it won’t cost the earth to replace an item here and there if they accidentally go missing!”

Posted in Press Centre on 12 November 2011