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Asda's local hubs save 7 million road miles

Today (Monday, 30th April 2007) ASDA announced a saving of 7 million road miles through its award winning local hub initiative – delivering locally sourced products to ASDA stores across the country via a local distribution network.

The scheme which has launched ten local hubs across the UK in the last five years, will accelerate in 2007 with a further five launching before the end of the year.

Already the local distribution centres have reduced road miles by 5.2 million, as local producers pool their resources in a bid to reduce costs, cut carbon emissions and lower the overall environmental impact of food distribution.

The five new local hubs, based in Nottingham, Leicestershire, West Midlands, Cornwall and Yorkshire will reduce food miles by a further 1.6 million this year alone. Furthermore, carbon emissions will be cut by over 10,000 metric tonnes by the end of the year, equivalent to flying a jumbo jet to Australia and back ten times.

Richard Pearson, head of local sourcing for ASDA said: “The success of our local hub initiative has been phenomenal, not only does it signal a new way in which supermarkets can work with some of the smallest UK suppliers, it also reduces our overall carbon footprint, enables us to increase the amount of local products available to our customers, and makes life much simpler for hundreds of local producers.”

The hub scheme is the latest in a long line of initiatives introduced by ASDA to reduce road miles. Last year ASDA announced a saving of more than 22m road miles over five years by moving more of its food and clothing distribution from road to rail. The opening of a deep sea port facility in Teesport last year cut road miles by a further 2.5 million per year, avoiding the use of Southern ports and shipping direct to the North by sea. It has also introduced double deck trailers to increase efficiency and reduce road miles.

Posted in Press Centre on 29 April 2007